Government Relations

  • Lobbying
  • Administrative law
  • Regulatory affairs

Smith, Gildea & Schmidt provides legal, regulatory and legislative counsel on a wide range of issues. The Firm performs direct lobbying on legislative matters, and services in the areas of administrative laws and regulatory affairs. It seeks to enable clients to understand and respond to legislation and regulation that may help or hinder their competitive advantage. 

The Firm’s attorneys are seasoned professionals with many years of distinguished public service experience in legislative, executive and administrative hearing officer positions. Its attorneys have also had significant local government and gubernatorial campaign involvement. They combine substantive experience, detailed knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process, and access to key decision makers on both the local and state level. 

Smith, Gildea & Schmidt’s sophisticated understanding of public policy and government affairs, and the Firm’s experience in the field, provide the tools necessary to successfully develop and implement government relations campaigns to pursue economic and public policy initiatives on behalf of clients.