Family Law

  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Child custody, access and support
  • Children in need of assistance (CINA)
  • Domestic violence protective orders
  • Prenuptial/antenuptial agreements
  • Marital settlement agreements
  • Divorce
  • Adoptions

Since family law cases often deal with sensitive issues, our attorneys try to be as available and accessible as possible so that we can understand the intricacies and nuances individual to each client, each case. Through a team-oriented approach, our firm makes every effort to obtain a favorable settlement in family law matters, because we understand the significant emotional and financial toll caused by protracted litigation. However, when negotiation fails, our attorneys have the litigation experience needed to obtain the desired result. Our family law attorneys possess the skills necessary to resolve family law matters, particularly the highly controversial areas of child custody, alimony, and high net worth divorces, and understand that these cases need to be strategically managed from the onset.

In custody disputes, ideally, the parties will receive assistance though the Office of Family Court Services and through negotiation will be able to agree on a residential schedule that is in a child’s best interest. Unfortunately, often because parents have now assumed the role of opponents in litigation, a proverbial “custody battle” ensues. On occasion, these battles go from bad to worse and sometimes involve allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence or substance abuse. Backed by decades of experience handling these types of allegations before judges statewide, our skilled litigators handle these often sensitive matters tactfully to a favorable result.

Alimony is another highly contentious issue our attorneys are presented with on a frequent basis. There are no guidelines stating that a Court in Maryland must determine what, if any, amount of alimony is appropriate. Rather, a Court considering an alimony claim will rely on the evidence presented by the parties and consider the factors laid out in Maryland’s Family Law Article. Our attorneys have litigated many alimony claims in the past and have the experience to provide compelling arguments on the client’s behalf.

High net worth divorce cases are complex and often require the assistance of experts, especially when the wealth is related to a business owned by one or both parties. As such, our attorneys investigate the legal and financial issues particular to each client and will work with experts through the discovery process so that the client’s interests are protected in settlement discussions or before a judge.

Family law is an area of practice that encompasses a wide variety of legal issues, such as: alimony/spousal support; child custody, access and support; children in need of assistance (CINA); domestic violence protective orders (commonly referred to as restraining orders); prenuptial/antenuptial agreements; marital settlement agreements; and, of course, divorce. Whether a client has a highly contentious case or is only seeking advice on how to handle a routine family law matter, our attorneys always do something very simple, yet often overlooked: we listen to our clients. We always strive to understand a client’s objective and then formulate and follow a strategy designed to meet those goals.