Settlement Of Estate, Trust Administration and Probate

The SGS Estates and Trust Group is uniquely qualified to assist families with Settlement of Estates, Trust Administration and the Probate process in the States in which they practice (Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania).

The Estate and Trust Administration processes, after the death of a loved one, can be complex.  Opportunities for tax savings and transfer of assets require the assistance of a professional.  The SGS Estates and Trust Group can assist with

  • The Probate Administration process
  • Financial and Accounting Services for Estates and Trusts
  • Tax Issues and Filings
  • Transfer of Assets including real property
  • Filings with the Orphans’ Court
  • Other Estate Settlement related matters

The SGS Estates and Trust Group can assist with every step of the process to bring an Estate or Trust to a close in an efficient and responsible manner. Our Firm is also equipped to handle any litigation matters that may arise during the estate and trust administration processes.