Mariela D’Alessio Chairs 3rd Annual BCBA Estates & Trust Committee Event

Photo Credit: The Advocate, July 2017

The Estates & Trust Committee of the Baltimore County Bar Association celebrated its third annual dinner on May 24th at the Country Club of Maryland. The event was chaired by Mariela C. D’Alessio of Smith, Gildea & Schmidt, LLC, the incoming vice chair of the committee. The event was well attended with over thirty (30) individuals including Alice A. Bonner, the outgoing chair, and Meredith B. Martin, the incoming chair. Attendees were able to socialize in a relaxed setting with honored guests: Judge William R. Evans, Judge Juliet F. Fisher, Judge Arthur M. Frank and the Honorable Grace G. Connolly. The attendees had an opportunity to learn some fun and interesting facts about the honored guests. In addition, the Honorable Grace G. Connolly reported on the 2017 Maryland legislative developments.