Lawsuit challenging Red Run Station dismissed

A lawsuit from a business group and others seeking to stop the development of an affordable apartment complex in Owings Mills has been dismissed.

The lawsuit challenging the approval of a planned unit development that allows for the construction of Red Run Station at 10630 Red Run Blvd. was tossed out of Baltimore County Circuit court on Tuesday morning.

Plaintiffs in the case, which included the Owings Mills Corporate Roundtable, challenged a decision by an administrative law judge and the Board of Appeals Baltimore County’s subsequent support of that decision, granting the planned unit development that allows for construction of the 72-unit project. Defendants, Enterprise Housing Corp., were represented by Smith, Gildea & Schmidt, LLC.

Barring further legal entanglements, Chickie Grayson, CEO of nonprofit developer Enterprise Housing Corp., said, construction on the $18 million project could begin next year.

The apartment complex, Grayson said, is aimed at providing affordable housing for employees of nearby businesses. Red Run Station will consist of a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units that will rent for between $750 and $1,410 a month.

Demand for rental housing in the Owings Mills area has dramatically increased in recent years. The area is one of two designated growth areas in Baltimore County. Its designation as a growth area and its location along the region’s lone Metro rail line has attracted investment from such developers as David S. Brown Enterprises and Greenberg Gibbons