Commitment to Community

Smith, Gildea & Schmidt is committed to the highest standards of professional integrity and performance. Our attorneys are equally committed to making contributions to the welfare of the community. This firm’s involvement spans the spectrum from little league sports to helping the disadvantaged to serving on hospital boards. For most of the firm’s attorneys, community commitment has been life long, guided by the principle that active community engagement and service to others enriches society and also contributes to one’s own happiness and quality of life.

Members of the firm have served as youth baseball, basketball and soccer coaches, organized community associations, been active in chambers of commerce and business organizations, served on various boards and committees that meet the needs of the disadvantaged, served on church councils and committees, and have been deeply involved in supporting our schools, including service as President of the Baltimore County Board of Education. Even in law school, members of the firm were active in legal fraternities, on law review and in law forums. Smith, Gildea & Schmidt has continued this commitment with its many contributions to the Baltimore County Bar Association, the Maryland State Bar, and instructing in continuing legal education courses.

Members of the firm have also been involved in the political life of Baltimore County and the State, not only serving in elective office, but also in supporting various campaigns on behalf of other successful candidates for federal, state and local office. What drives the firm’s political engagement is the belief that good government is critical to the promulgation of sound laws and public policies.